Privet Oy, founded in 1996, is a manufacturer and supplier of products to industry. The company's Double Dumper® feeder was originally designed for intermittent reject removal for the pulp and paper industry, replacing conventional multicomponent junk and sand traps at lower cost and added safety.

Privet also is the representative for TEKLEEN Automatic Filter, Inc.'s self-cleaning water filters and ARSOPI heat exchangers, reactors, evaporators, and other products.

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Privet Double Dumper®
The Double Dumper® feeder is designed for intermittent reject removal, and can be used for dosing or sampling. Originally intended for removing reject material, such as sand and other impurities, from pulp, and installed underneath cleaners (cyclones) to replace multiple-valve sand or junk traps. The Double Dumper® has been used in many other applications as well. Privet is also keen to find new applications for the product and in further developing it to suit different requirements.

The patented Double Dumper is available in sizes 2" through 12, DN50-300 and in ratings PN10-40 and in ANSI Class 150 and 300.

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Privet represents self-cleaning water filters produced by TEKLEEN Automatic Filters, Inc. of the US. These are widely used in industries, such as pulp and paper, steel, chemical, beverages and breweries, as well as greenhouses and golf courses.

The filters are avaible with screens as fine as 5 µ, at nominal sizes from 1" up to 24" rated at PN10 or 150 psi. Filters are available in stainless steel and other materials.

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Privet also represents the products of ARSOPI of Portugal.

Founded in 1942, ARSOPI manufactures heat exchangers, reactors, columns, evaporators, tanks, and storage tanks for industries such as petrochemicals, chemicals, wine-makingand brewing and dairy.

ARSOPI is fully certified to ISO 9002, ASME, and TÜV standards, and has delivered to and worked with many major engineering companies and contactors.

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